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Pinetop Country Club


Things We Can Do For You

Spill Investment is a full-service brokerage whose agents offer experience, professionalism and honesty in all their dealings.  We have elected not to become part of a franchise. Instead we are wholly locally owned and operated. This give us the freedom to use our business model with no extra outside costs involved in our transactions.

We only use “tried and true” vendors and strive to make each transaction as seamless as possible for both buyers and sellers. If looking for a firm to work with where our clients become our friends, Spill is the right one for you.


Real Estate Promotion

Online and offline media resources including Website Marketing, Virtual Tours and more. We're constantly working for you.


Real Estate Assessment

Over the years we've developed a network of solid vendors to help with good assessment and inspection of the home you're selling or buying.


Mortgage And Banks Rate Advice

It's true that ethically we can't refer you to a particular source for mortgages, title and escrow. We can offer you a list of vendors in the area and our opinion when asked. But, you are the best judge of  who may serve you best.

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